You got it, Grandad


Said Sophie, congratulating Ian on successfully closing the garage door with the remote control.
We’ve taken a few days away from boat-buying to spend with the family, and were heading off to Hidden Pond Country Park, Springfield.
Virginia is lovely, and especially so in the winter, when there seem to be more sunny days than there are in England.


The air is crisp and dry, and the light doesn’t fade so quickly in the afternoons. The brightness seems to illuminate the winter colours of russet, pale gold, grey and green.


We had forgotten that the simple business of finding a stick, throwing it, and making it splash into an expanse of water, can afford seemingly unlimited fascination to small children.

Then they discovered that if they lay down on their tummies and peered over edge of the little jetty, they could see their reflections in the water below. This activity was considered too nerve-wracking for the grandparents though, and quickly curtailed.
On the way home, Sophie, who has perfect pitch and is four tomorrow, started humming The Red Flag.
It’s interesting, what they pick up at pre-school.
In the afternoon I learned some more American, when we took Soph out to the Mall to get her birthday present.
As we drove past Barnes & Noble, the amazing chain of book shops sadly under threat from Amazon, I asked Soph if she liked going to the bookshop.
‘No, it’s bookstore,’ she corrected me, in a slightly impatient tone.
Do keep up, Grandma.

8 thoughts on “You got it, Grandad

  1. I must implore you to not share this post with any Americans. The thought of a child singing a left-wing song is frightening! I assure you, it is a song with a similar tune but with different words, and likely a Christmas song. πŸ™‚

    • Yes Danielle, a little research has confirmed that the melody is actually ‘O Tannenbaum’ and is used not only for the Christmas song and the Red Flag, but also as patriotic songs for several American States, eg ‘Oh Florida, my Florida’. Love the irony!

  2. More please Jane, enjoying it so far, Jean passed on the link, this I admit is all new to me. Glad you’ve got a boat sorted so quickly, and relatively painlessly? When’s cast-off day? Photos asap please!

  3. I am loving the ‘Tales’ thus far even if you haven’t yet been on a boat! Particularly liked the Red Flag saga. The Ainsworth girls were both taught Mon Beau Sapin at Christmas when at school with me! It has always been the Christmas song of the French.
    Keep writing. I’ll keep reading. Love to you both. Alison

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