Jane Ainsworth is a retired dentist and Ian Ainsworth is a retired civil engineer. They have been married for 48 years.
In January 2014 they embarked, with some trepidation, on a voyage through the American Waterways.
When they are not on their boat, they live in Northumberland.

At the start of the trip - at the Ringling Museum, Sarasota.

At the start of the trip – at the Ringling Museum, Sarasota.

At Bronxville, NY, on the 3rd leg.

At Bronxville, NY, on the 3rd leg.

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  1. CARINA: Will be following your travels, especially as you approach Canadian waters in [2016?]. Our boat PROWESS is out of Penetanguishene, Ontario; we live aboard her ‘tween Port Severn and Trenton along the Trent-Severn Waterway, June to September every year. Twice we continued past Trenton to Ottawa in the 7 years we have owned her. At some point please provide the genealogy of CARINA: she appears similar to a Marine Trader 38 Double Cabin. Can’t wait for April launch!
    Barry and Alice Jones

    • Barry and Alice, nice to hear from you! This is Jane’s husband Ian replying (at her suggestion). As you guessed, Carina is a 38′ Marine Trader, 1979 vintage. We bought her in St Petersburg, Florida in January 2014 and got as far as Norfolk in the fall. We will be heading north this year as we hope to manage the Loop in about 4 years, flying over from England for about 4 months per year. We hope to get to somewhere near to you late this summer, and it would be great to meet you if we could. Possibly you could also advise us of some suitable places to lay up Carina for the winter? Best regards, Ian.

  2. Hey Ian and Jane: Sorry to leave a random comment in a random spot on your site- really cool story by the way.

    You have a picture on your visit to Annapolis with the Maryland Flag on the front of a series of row homes. I was wondering if I could use it on my site (www.efynch.com). We are a home improvement software company and I really like it because of the flag (and streetview).

    If at any time you wanted to retract it I would be happy to remove- it really fits in with what I am trying to show right now. Thank you!

    – Teris

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